Sup everyone!

The site is now back online after way too much downtime. :lol:
Sorry about that!

Hey everyone,

I've migrated the website and forums to a new host, woo!
The site should load faster from now on, and it shouldn't be down as often anymore.


Hey everyone, Steffan here.

Just letting you all know that the game is back in development now, after a short hiatus.
After this long drought of information and screenshots, I'll jump right back into the game and try to put out more updates and teasers for you to enjoy. 8-)

Thanks for sticking with me during the development of this game.

Hey there,

Just a quick reminder to everyone that I've been posting a bunch of screenshots on both Facebook and Twitter lately.
If you'd like to stay up-to-date with more frequent and smaller updates on the game, you can follow me on either one of these sites,

Click here for Spacebook
Click here for Tweeter

There ya go.